'KANS 4 KIDS' Recycle Program

Chair : Carol King

OR and CA drink deposit fundraiser
THANK YOU for your donations! All funds go back into community.

LIONS sorting party every FRIDAY 7am – 9am
at Fred Meyer Recycle Center drop-off your OR and CA deposit DRINKS such as soda/beer cans, glass beer bottles and plastic water bottles.
Local Bin Drop-off Locations:
* BPO Elks RV Center
* Fred Meyer Recycle Center
* HWY 101/5th ST Bankus Park fountain bin (use to be Ray’s Market)
* Rainbow Rock Condos
  • NO large CA deposit plastic water bottles
  • NO wine glass bottles
  • NO plastic milk jugs
  • NO liquor bottles
  • NO food cans
  • NO garbage
  • NO CTR items

History "Kans4Kids"

  • Recycling started in Brookings in 2005 by Don and Vikki Nuss at the Coastal Copiers Sales and Leasing office at 1041 Chetco Avenue. It became a bigger program than they were able to handle so Vikki put an article in the Curry Coastal Pilot newspaper in the “letter to the editor” section on February 1, 2006.

    ...Our community has contributed over $3100 in cans and bottles to Kans for Kids since last June. These funds have been donated to several local non-profit organizations that address the needs of our local underprivileged children. As a community, we should be very impressed that this small effort has resulted in this much success in a short amount of time. Due to time constraints we have to discontinue the project. However, we would be happy to hand over the project to another non-profit group...Thank you Brookings Harbor for supporting this worthwhile project and we look forward to your continued support. Vikki Nuss Brookings

  • Lion George Fernandez saw the article and immediately called Vicki to see about the Brookings-Harbor Lions taking over the program. A letter was written to the City of Brookings Mayor and Manager on February 9, 2006 asking permission to place the "Kans for Kids" container on City property, near the fountain, in front of Ray’s Market.

  • In 2006, Lion Carlo Pelaccio volunteered to be the chairman and took the title “The Kan Man”

  • THE START OF Lions Club K4K Recycle Program ... THANK YOU FRED MEYER
    This shows how small our operation was when we first started recycling together at Fred Meyer recycling center.

  • In the early days we had a small operation. Cans and Bottles were segregated. For awhile we were allowed to take glass bottles to Ray’s Market. The counted glass bottles (25 per white bag) were taken over for redemption. Arrangements were made to accept more than the maximum 144 count. The store checker completed a form for a volunteers signature before giving a cash refund. The shopping carts of counted bottles were wheeled to the back room to assist the Ray’s Market employees.

  • After 2 years and 7 months we had recycled one-million cans.On October 31, 2009 a celebration was held at the container in front of Ray’s Market. Marge Woodfin, Pilot staff writer put an article in the newspaper ... "One million cans – and counting!"

  • Lions members recycle every Friday at Fred Meyer Recycle Center from 7am - 11am

  • After 7 years and 6 months we had recycled 3.5 million returnables Pilot article October 4th, 2014

Lions Quarterly Video April 2016

Brookings-Harbor Lions "Kans4Kids" video

LQ video April 2016

April 1st 2017 Bottle Bill
The redemption value on containers will increase from 5 cents to 10 cents